VetPawer Introduces Automated Virtual Assistant

A revolution in the world of phone, veterinary software and AI integration

VetPawer announces the official launch of AVA—Automated Virtual Assistant—to the veterinary market. AVA integrates the veterinary practice’s phone system directly into the practice management software system to schedule appointments real-time for inbound client telephone calls with a human quality voice interface.

image from telecomassociation.typepad.comWhen the client calls to schedule an appointment, AVA uses the client’s phone number to link the client/patient(s)/veterinarian relationship and identifies availability on the practice’s appointment schedule. AVA can interact with the client to find an appointment day/time acceptable to the client. AVA writes the appointment directly into the practice management software with no human interaction.

In addition to scheduling new appointments, AVA can “add a new patient,” “suggest appointments based on overdue reminders,” “handle appointment cancellations” and soon will be able to “suggest prescriptions to be refilled.” The proprietary read/write in the practice management software is being used in over 3,500 Practices.

Why is the phone system still critical to veterinary clinics?

As the market trends to promote online scheduling or other means like mobile appointment to "keep the staff off the phone,” the reality is that overall 95%+ of veterinary appointments are still made over the phone. Clinics that are the most successful at implementing online usage reach 71%.

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This number is here to stay high for a while: Habits are hard to die, and new-generation users find it convenient to be able to interact with the clinic "hands-free" while exercising, driving or doing all sorts of activities where clicking on a web site is just not convenient or possible. AVA addresses this immediate need of high volume veterinary call handling to relieve staff while providing callers with a new/fresh/human user experience.

Dr. Julie Miles said, “We love AVA because it relieves my exhausted staff by reducing the number of calls they are having to handle. Today AVA booked three appointments and all the clients showed up.” Dr. Bob Knapp said, “The AVA technology allows my staff to focus on the client that is present while still meeting the needs of those calling us. And AVA connects directly to our practice’s phone system and software, so the integration is seamless. My clients appreciate the convenience of not being on hold and being able to make an appointment at any time of the day or night, including weekends.”

image from telecomassociation.typepad.comVetPawer CEO Jerry Savage spent 17 years as president of technology at Henry Schein Animal Health, designing and implementing technologies to improve the veterinarian and veterinary client experience. He says, “AVA is a game changer in today’s challenging practice environment. We see that veterinary teams are more stressed now than ever before. AVA not only helps take the load off the practice’s staff, but also provides a contemporary client experience that is fast and efficient. I’ve never witnessed a more complex technology having an immediate positive impact to a practice and their clients with an
easier implementation. AVA’s dialogue is human-like, and clients are telling their veterinary practices they love the ease of scheduling appointments.”

Savage has joined VetPawer’s chief technology officer and president, Christophe Gissinger, the founder of AppointMaster (commercialized by Covetrus as Rapport). Gissinger says, “We have been in development and perfecting the AI Natural Voice Processing and integrating it into the practice software and phone system for 2.5 years. Our veterinary practices have been using it for over a year now and see real value to their clients and the efficiencies of the practice. This is available, tested, proven, affordable and efficient.”

The benefits for the veterinary practice of using AVA:

  • Improved/consistent client experience
    • No on-hold times. Currently the average hold time
      from practices we surveyed is three minutes.

    • Fast and efficient scheduling process, reducing average time to schedule an
      appointment from 3-4 minutes to one minute.

    • Improved client in-practice experience. Practice staff can now focus on clients in the
      practice instead of being interrupted to answer in-bound scheduling calls.

    • Contemporary client experience.

  • Increase practice revenue/reduce cost
    • Available appointments are more effectively being filled by AVA.

    • Re-purposed scheduling staff can focus more time on client satisfaction.

    • Significant reduction in dropped calls leading to increased appointments scheduled and
      increased client visits.

For more information, visit or call (877) 399-1354.  Jerry Savage can be reached
directly at 614-638-8400.